Image from the Edison 1920-1930 fund, CSC – National Archive of Corporate Cinema

Corporate Cinema

This section, curated in collaboration with CSC – Ivrea National Archive of Corporate Cinema plus experts and professionals who have worked directly in this field, offers the opportunity of a journey into corporate cinema that – from the Thirties through the Eighties – has represented an important field of company policies and has produced thousands of documentaries. Said material nowadays constitutes an important heritage, useful to reconstruct Italy’s economic and social history in addition to the memory of our time. These thousands of films are back into the light after being forgotten for decades. They owe their charm to this factor as well.

Thanks to some documents made available by the Archive, this section covers significant places, moments and aspects of corporate life, most specifically FIAT: workshops, construction sites, assembly lines, machinery, scenes of people at work, but also corporate welfare and free time.

Rediscovering these industrial archives also makes it possible to valorize long-forgotten movie production areas, reintegrating the works of corporate cinema done by relevant Italian and foreign filmmakers. The discovery of these works that can be considered to be lesser offers new perspectives on the activities of said authors, that’s why the festival pays special attention to these works.

With the collaboration of: Elena Testa (CSC-Ivrea National Archive of Corporate Cinema), Sergio Toffetti (cinema historian), Osvaldo Marini (production director) and Pier Milanese (director).


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