ABOUT THE CLOUDS (Argentina, 2022, 143′)

XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Director: María Aparicio
Screenplay: María Aparicio, Nicolás Abello, Emanuel Díaz
Photography: Santiago Sgarlatta
Editing: Martín Sappia
Sound: Juan Manuel Yeri
Actors: Leandro García Ponzo, Eva Bianco, Pablo Limarzi, Malena León, Juana Oviedo
Production: Trivial Media, Las Flores

Ramiro is a cook in a bar. Hernán is an unemployed technician with a teenage daughter. Nora is a nurse in a public hospital and her husband works night shifts in a hotel. Lucía is an employee in a small and militant book shop. While the young woman crosses urban places, four stories alternate in Córdoba, fifth character of the film. None of them knows each other. A choral film in beautiful black and white shot in the director’s hometown.

María Aparicio (Córdoba, Argentina, 1992) studied at the National University of Córdoba and worked for different directing and editing projects. In 2016 she made her feature film debut with Las calles participating and winning several festivals. Before shooting Sobre las nubes, her second feature film, she directed the short films Hombre bajo la lluvia (2018) and Buscar trabajo (2022). She lives in Córdoba and she is working on her new film Las cosas indefinidas.

Filmography: Las calles (2016), Hombre bajo la lluvia (sf, 2018), Buscar trabajo (sf, 2022), Sobre las nubes (2022).