Wednesday October 4th, 5 p.m, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

Event in collaboration with School of animation – Experimental Centre of Cinematography Piedmont branch


This year, Job Film Days collaborates with the School of animation of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography Piedmont branch, for a special event that will take place at Cinema Massimo, on Thursday October 5, at 3 p.m.

This collaboration brings to the Festival audience the gaze of young artists practicing a medium that has expressed and is increasingly developing remarkable possibilities in terms of both research and production, offering a stimulating and promising opportunity for gathering and exchange. A selection of “auteur” short films edited by the alumni of the school, which focuses on labor themes in different ways. The point of view in the choices made is intentionally that of young creatives seeking inspiration and references, rather than historians or critics of the subject. In the event, among others, there are also two short films created as diploma projects. The screening of The meatseller, short film in selection at the “Orizzonti” section of the Venice Film Festival 2023, is the artistic work of a large group of ex-students. Director Margherita Giusti will present it, she had already investigated the relation between animation and documentary.

The event will be presented by Chiara Magri (artistic director of the Animation Course-CSC Piedmont branch) and the screenings will be followed by a debate in which Margherita Giusti (director) and Enrica Capra (producer) will intervene. Chiara Magri will moderate.

Access mode: The event will be accessible through the purchase of the tickets online or at Cinema Massimo’s ticket offices.

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by Eric Bradford, Techin Chen, Virág Negyedy, Jose Alejandro Segura Mena (France, 2021, 5′)
Designer Mimi has to get her work approved by her superiors before lunch break. A more arduous task than one might expect.

by Sophie Li, Yan Li, Gabriel Regnier, Quentin Rigaux, Adel Sabi, Jeremy Ye (France, 2021, 6′)
Filmmaking can be a very chaotic process, even more so when the director changes his mind at the last second and the lead actor seems to have disappeared from the set.

by Moth Collective (United Kingdom, 2016, 4′)
Alice is the last person in the world to have a job, thanks to the prodigious advances in technology. But does work really ennoble man?

by Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Giulio De Toma, Ruben Pirito (Italy, 2014, 7′)
What does the clerk of the Municipality do when she disappears for hours in the back with a precious document in her hands? A person is waiting for her file to be approved, but for the clerk to get that stamp will be no easy feat.

by Margherita Clemente, Lorenzo Cogno, Maria Garzo, Tudor A. Moldovan (Italy, 2015, 6′)
In a dystopian society, highly specialized labor is the supreme value. To produce more and better, workers replace their hands and senses with technological prostheses.

by Leeds Animation Workshop (United Kingdom, 2015, 7′)
The stories of four workers are joined by a double thread because of their shared experiences.

by Santiago ‘Bou’ GRASSO, Patricio PLAZA (Argentina, 2008, 6′)
A man makes his usual commute to work, a cog in a system where using people as objects is the norm.

by Samantha MOORE (United Kingdom, 2019, 10′)
Animated fabrics showcase the history of a Manchester lingerie factory as workers recount the past of the British textile industry.

by Margherita Giusti (Italy, 2023, 17′)
This is the true story of Selinna Ajamikoko, a young Nigerian girl who dreams of becoming a butcher like her mother. To fulfil her wish, she embarks on a long journey to Italy, full of atrocities and bestiality.