XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Director and screenplay: Akram Moncer
Photography: Abdelmonem Ben Gaied, Helmi Ben Chahboun
Editing: Zied Ben Hassine
Sound: Tarek Mahfoudhi
Production: Aymen Moncer, Akram Moncer

In the city of Oudhref, situated in the governorate of Gabès, in the South-East of Tunisia, women face the daily life behind their job as weavers to claim their right to assert themselves. These pioneers are custodians of a millennial heritage, which is the weaving of the margoum, a traditional carpet from the tunisian city of Gafsa. Oudhref women represent the incarnation of art and memory, constituting the secret of life or rather survival.

Akram Moncer (Gabès, Tunisia, 1985) graduated from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Multimédias in Tunisia in the department of audiovisual and cinema. A filmmaker and producer, he is an atypical author, always looking for new expressive forms in a varied career, which includes documentaries, advertisement and theater pièces. In 2012, he founded Artworks Production with his brother Aymen. He directed different works for the television channel Al Jazeera Documentary. In 2014, he debuted in feature films with the documentary Les oiseaux migrateurs, which focuses on the conflict in the Western Sahara. Also in 2014 he was the general director of the Faire un film en 48h festival. With Agreb Majnouna he won the award for best feature documentary at the prestigious Tunis festival Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage.

Selected filmography: La dame du lac (sf, doc., 2012), Les oiseaux migrateurs (doc., 2014), Sout Dinar (doc., 2017), Agreb Majnouna (doc., 2022).