DEADWEIGHT (Germany/Finland, 2016, 88′)

XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Direction: Axel Koenzen
Screenplay and dialogues: Axel Koenzen with the collaboration of Horst Markgraf e Boris Doran
Photography: Alexander Gheorghiu
Editing: Benjamin Mirguet
Sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
Actors: Tommi Korpela, Ema Vetean, Archie Alemania, Manuelito Acido, Frank Lammers, Jeanne Balibar
Production: Rohfilm, Oy Bufo Ab

Ahti Ikonen is the captain of Brugge, a container ship of 35.000 tons arriving at Savannah port. The necessity of shortening the charging procedures causes the death of a crew member and the workers rise up calling for a boycott. The journey resumes but the balances are compromised and the captain has to deal with his own guilt and the difficulty of managing the situation. When the ship arrives at Rotterdam, the unionized dockers refuse to unload the ship and the tension explodes.

Axel Koenzen (Germany) studied photography in New York and worked as freelance photographer and visual researcher for some companies, including Columbia Tristar Los Angeles. He studied film direction attending German Film and Television School of Berlin where he directed some short films. Deadweight is his first feature film. The documentary Patara is from the same year, 2016, directed with Ali Olcay Gözkaya. It is reconstruction of the first federal parliament in the world built in Anatolia, in 50 b.C.

Filmography: Wax and Wane (cm, 1999), Firn (cm, 2006), Drang (film collettivo, ep., doc., 2009), Deadweight (2016), Patara (doc., 2016), Mozambique, Where the Mango Tree Used To Be (cm, doc., 2019).