DRAGON WOMEN (Belgium/Switzerland/South Korea/Germany, 2022, 82′)

Thursday October 5th, 9 p.m, Cinema Greenwich Village

Event in collaboration with Rete al Femminile and Torino Città per le Donne

Also this year Job Film Days deals with the theme of women?s work with an event that will take place on Thursday, October, 5 at 9 p.m at Cinema Greenwich Village, organized in collaboration with the Associations Rete al Femminile and Torino Città per le Donne. The film by the filmmaker and visual artist Frédérique de Montblanc, Dragon Women (Belgium-Switzerland-South Korea-Germany, 2022) will be screened during the event. The movie will allow people to discover a series of portraits of women at the top of the financial sector, in different cities of Europe and Asia.

It will be followed by a meeting with Barbara Damiano (President of Rete al Femminile), Elisabetta Zurigo (lawyer) e Michela Calculli (expert of financial education for the gender equality).

Admission modes: The event is accessible through the purchase of tickets online or at Cinema Greenwich Village ticket office.


Director, screenplay: Frédérique de Montblanc
Photography: Olivier Boonjing, Tristan Galand
Editing: Julie Naas, Thjis Van Nuffel
Music: Nicolas Rabaeus
Production: Savage Film, Beauvoir Films, Seesaw Pictures

Often called “Dragons”, women in the financial sector still represent a small minority, especially in the upper echelons of power. In 2020, they were only 3%. The movie, filmed in different cities of Europe and Asia, shows a series of portraits of women who operate at the top of the financial industry, revealing the personalities that they had to build in order to gain access to important positions and the parts of themselves that they had to leave at home to reach those positions.

Frédérique de Montblanc (Bruxelles, Belgium, 1982) completed her studies first in Montreal and then in Los Angeles between 2004 and 2007. She is a director and a visual artist who produces interdisciplinary projects. With choreographer Dominic Walsh she produced a short-film Malta Kano, Tx in 2015. Among her other works, the video The Cellar, transmitted in 2012 on the web and presented in a Parisian gallery. As a scenographer, she collaborated with directors and choreographers in Europe and in the United States. Dragon Women is her first feature film.

Filmography: Malta Kano, Tx (sf, 2015), Dragon Women (2022).