Sunday October 2nd at 17.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event in collaboration with National Cinema Museum Association and LiberAzioni Festival

Job Film Days continues its collaboration with ANMC – Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum Association) and LiberAzioni on the relationship between prison detention and work with a double approach, one facing the inside and a different one outside the jail system. The event will take place on Sunday October 2nd at 17:00 at Cinema Massimo with the screening of Fort Apache by Ilaria Galanti and Simone Spampinato, an opportunity to talk again about this theme with the protagonists of a some of these theater workshops done inside the jail of Rebibbia  in Rome. The event will be presented by Valentina Noya (AMNC, LiberAzioni). A debate will follow with the participation of Valentina Esposito (scriptwriter and director of the Fort Apache Theater Company) and Giancarlo Poracchia (protagonist, actor from the Fort Apache Theater Company). Moderated by Valentina Noya.

Admission methods : admission to the event is possible by purchasing tickets online or at the Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.

FORT APACHE (Italia, 2020, 93′, doc)

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Director: Ilaria Galanti, Simone Spampinato
Script: Ilaria Galanti, Simone Spampinato, Valentina Esposito
Photography: Lorenzo Squarcia
Editing: Ilaria Galanti, Simone Spampinato
Music: Luca Novelli
Starring: Alessandro Bernardini, Marcello Fonte, Christian Cavoso, Chiara Cavalieri, Matteo Cateni, Viola Centi, Valentina Esposito, Alessandro Forcinelli, Gabriella Indolfi, Romolo Napolitano, Piero Piccinin, Giancarlo Porcacchia, Fabio Rizzuto, Edoardo Timmi, Cristina Vagnoli
Producer: Ilaria Galanti, Simone Spampinato, Manuel Grieco, Valentina Esposito
Production: Jumping Flea

Fort Apache is a theater animation project within the Prison of Rebibbia in Rome. The documentary is a portrait of the activity carried out and follows the transition from detention to freedom of some of the participants of this theatre workshop. Theater creates short circuits between life and performance, between reality and fiction as it brings the prisoners’ past and present to the stage.

Ilaria Galanti (Rome, Italy, 1996) graduated in cinema from RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) in 2017. During her studies she worked as a director’s assistant for a few short films and advertising spots. She directed her first short film, Dubbi che vengono, presented at the Lovers Film Festival Turin. She directed Fort Apache alongside Simone Spampinato in 2020.

Filmography: Dubbi che vengono (2018, sf), Fort Apache (2020, doc, co-director)

Simone Spampinato, born and raised in Rome (Italy, 1995), graduated in cinema from RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts). In 2016, he directed The Place To Be, dedicated to the rearrangement of the MAXXI Art Museum in Rome and founded the Jumping Flea production company. He directed Fort Apache alongside Ilaria Galanti in 2020.

Filmography: The Place To Be (2016, doc), Fort Apache (2020, doc, co-director)