GOOD LIFE (Lithuania/Sweden/Finland, 2022, 72′)

Thursday September 28th, 6.30 p.m, Area Ex Incet, Piazza Teresa Noce 17

Job Film Days 2023 pre-opening in collaboration with Area Ex Incet, Spazio Colla! and Edit

Job Film Days will present at Area Ex Incet, in collaboration with Area Ex Incet, Spazio Colla! and Edit, the film Good Life by Lithuanian directors Marta Dauliute and Viktorija Siaulyte (Sweden-Lithuania-Finland, 2022) on Thursday, September 28, at 6.30 p.m. A national preview and an event that will allow people to think about sharing work and living spaces and on the effects of a collectively-oriented work model on people’s individuality.

The screening of this film in the Area Ex Incet is particularly significant, which is a place that well represents the ability to transform a space that has been abandoned for decades into an organism that lives through social innovation. In Turin, therefore, an old electric cable factory-important industrial complex built at the beginning of the last decade of the 19th century-has become a cradle of production that, through entrepreneurship, gives rise to new businesses and creative communities featuring young people.

This will be followed by an encounter with Sara Carabba (Fondazione Brodolini, Area Ex Incet), Davide Martignetti (Spazio Colla!), Giorgio Vernoni (researcher IRES Piemonte) and Luca Davico (urban sociologist, Inter-university Department of Land Science, Planning and Policy – Polytechnic University and University of Turin).

Admission mode: free entrance.


Director, screenplay: Marta DauliUtE, Viktorija Siaulyte
Photography: Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Editing: Niklas Kullstrom
Sound: Vytis Puronas
Producer: MDEMC, Just a moment, Hillstream Pictures

What happens when entrepreneurial storytelling becomes part of the deepest self of a person and a community becomes a commodity, a product? By using different visual forms, including animation, the film stands as a delicate and critical glance on a world where work without pauses is intertwined in shared spaces, virtual connections, self-management and private life, innovation, precariousness, flexibility and individual adaptation are put to the test.

Marta Dauliute (Siauliai, Lithuania, 1984) studied directing at Valand Art Academy of Göteborg. In addition to directing and producing short films and documentaries, she is co-organizer of Noncitizen, a project of nomad cinema and she teaches directing. She manages the production company MDEMC with Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall in Stockholm. In 2013, she collaborated with the director of the documentary short film L’Europe moderne of Maja Kekonius. She lives in Sweden.

Viktorija Siaulyte (Kaunas, Lithuania, 1985) is a director, independent curator and producer in the fields of contemporary art, architecture and cinema. At the moment she co-curates Videograms, a festival dedicated to art films and videos. She founded Last Project with Marta Dauliute and Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, a platform which has the aim of dealing with new perspectives of work with the involvement of the public. She lives in Berlin.


Marta Dauliute: Tri Dnya (sf, 2009), Second Class (co-director Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, doc., 2013), Crisis Document. A Survival Guide (co-director Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, sf, doc., 2016).

Marta Dauliute, Viktorija Siaulyte: Good Life (doc., 2022).