GORGONA (Italy/Usa 2022, 90′)

Wednesday October 4th, 9 p.m, Cinema Greenwich Village

Event in collaboration with National Cinema Museum Association and LiberAzioni

Job Film Days will present the documentary Gorgona by Antonio Tibaldi (Italy-USA, 2022), Wednesday October 4th. The film won the Festival dei Popoli 2022 of Florence as best Italian documentary. The documentary narrates an experience of a re-educational path based on labor, in the last agricultural penal colony in Europe, the prison island of Gorgona in Tuscany. It will be presented by Vittorio Canavese (National Cinema Museum Association).

It will be followed by a meeting with Enrica Capra (co-producer of the film) and Antonio Genovese (Council of the Bar Association of Turin), Vittorio Canavese will moderate.

The event will be accredited for training by the Turin Order of lawyers.

Admission modes: the event will be accessible through the purchase of tickets online or at the Cinema Greenwich Village ticket offices.

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Director, screenplay, photography: Antonio Tibaldi
Editing: Valentina Andreoli
Sound: Alessio Fornasiero, Todd Toon
Production: No Permits Produktions, GraffitiDoc
Distribution: Bloom Distribuzione

Gorgona prison-island, 19 miles from Livorno, is the last agricultural penal colony in Europe. On this piece of land, about 90 inmates undertake a re-educational path based on work, from tending livestock to activities in the fields. The only real resident is the elderly Luisa Citti, descendant of one of the families that populated the island in the 1800s. The film follows five prisoners in a world far away from everything, in a unique prison, in the middle of the sea.

Antonio Tibaldi (Sydney, Australia, 1961) is an Italian-Australian director who lives in New York. Since the 1990s, he has been working as director and screenwriter in Europe, Australia and North America. In 1991 he made his feature film debut with On My Own, which was presented at the Festival di Cinema Giovani (Youth Cinema Festival) of Turin. From that moment his filmography alternated between feature films, short-films, fiction films, documentaries on America, Asia and Africa, and works for television.

Filmography: American Wilderness (mm, 1988), On My Own (1991), Correre contro (1996), Little Boy Blue (1997), Claudine?s Return (1998), Lupo mannaro (2000), John Crawford, Helen Garber (doc., 2003), Tales from the Tsunami (doc., 2005), Los de la glorieta de los hongos (doc., 2007), Kino-Dream (cm, doc., 2008), Looking (cm, 2009), Pro-trusion (cm, 2011), [S]comparse (doc., 2011), Godka Cirka (cm, doc., 2013), Thy Father?s Chair (doc., 2015), We Are Living Things (2021), How She Didn?t Die (cm, 2022), Gorgona (doc., 2022).