GUMBO COALITION (Usa, 2022, 108′)

Wednesday October 4th, 6.30 p.m, Turin Bar Foundation Headquarters Fulvio Croce

Event in collaboration with Turin Bar Foundation Headquarters Fulvio Croce and Turin Order of lawyers

On Wednesday 4th October, Job Film Days presents the national premiere of the movie Gumbo Coalition (USA, 2022) by two-time Oscar-winning director Barbara Koople at 6.30 p.m. at the Bar Foundation Headquarters Fulvio Croce in Via Santa Maria 1, in collaboration with the Bar Foundation Headquarters Fulvio Croce and the Turin Order of lawyers.

The event will be an occasion to face the theme of racial justice, one of the most important and urgent matters of our time, through the commitment of national leaders Marc Morial and Janet Murguía towards the Afro-American and Hispanic communities.

The screening will be followed by the intervention of Nicolò Bussolati (expert lawyer in international law)

The event will be accredited for training by the Turin Order of lawyers.

Admission mode: free entrance.


Director: Barbara Kopple
Photography: James Ball, Asad Faruqi, Gabriella Garcia-Prado, Gary Griffin, Thomas Kaufman, Bradley Rayford, Christopher Renteria, Jeff Saunders, Ray Whitehouse
Editing: Hannes Hosp, Rob Kuhns
Music: Chris Paultre
Starring: Marc H. Morial, Janet Murguía
Production: SellersEaston Media, Cabin Creek Films

Driven by the mutual determination not to be “the generation which let progress slip by”, national social justice leaders Marc Morial and Janet Murguía, alongside their Afro-American and Hispanic communities, join forces to fight structural racism in a worrying resurgence of white supremacy in the Trump era. Two-time Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple adopts a cinéma vérité approach to navigate the complex arc of racial justice during the pandemic years.

Barbara Kopple (New York, Usa, 1946), US director and producer, she attended the School of Visual Arts in the 1960s where she met the filmmakers Albert and David Maysles, active in the documentaries, and she collaborated with them. The documentary genre will become her favorite art form. In 1972, Kopple founded the production company Cabin Creek Films. Four years later, with Harlan County U.S.A, she won her first Academy Award as best documentary, followed in 1990 by the one received for American Dream. From her extensive filmography, partly composed of works for television, the following should also be noted Wild Man Blues (1997), a portrait of Woody Allen as a musician, and My Generation (2000), on Woodstock. In 2005 she created Havoc, her fiction debut, an insight into the social contrasts in Los Angeles.

Selected filmography: Harlan County U.S.A. (doc., 1976), American Dream (doc., 1990), Wild Man Blues (doc., 1997), My Generation (doc., 2000), Havoc (2005), Bearing Witness (doc., 2005), Shut Up & Sing (doc., 2006), Gun Fight (doc., 2011), Running from Crazy (doc., 2013), Miss Sharon Jones! (doc., 2015), A Murder in Mansfield (doc., 2017), This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous (doc., 2017), New Homeland (doc., 2018), Desert One (doc., 2019), Gumbo Coalition (doc., 2022).