NEXT SOHEE (South Korea, 2022, 134′)

XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Director, screenplay: July Jung
Photography: Kim Il-yeon
Editing: Lee Young-lim, Han Ji-youn
Music: Jang Young-gyu
Actors: Kim Si-eun, Doona Bae
Production: Crank-up Film

So-hee is a student that decided to choose practical vocational training. She begins to work in a call-center, but soon she has to confront the unbearable pressure put on her by an unscrupulous company. Due to this hard situation, So-hee dies. Inspector Oh Yoo-jin, who turns out to have a point in common with the girl, is in charge of following the case to discover the causes of the young worker’s death.

July Jung (Yeosu, South Korea, 1980) studied image and media at Sungkyunkwan University. After graduating, she entered the Korean National University of the Arts, majoring in Film. Her filmography began in 2007 with the short film A Man Under the Influenza, followed by another short film A Dog-Came Into My Flash, in 2010. She produced her first documentary in 2014, A Girl at My Door, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and it was well received, as was the subsequent Next Sohee (2022).

Filmography: A Man Under the Influenza (cm, 2007), A Dog-Came Into My Flash (cm, 2010), A Girl at My Door (2014), Next Sohee (2022).