Tuesday September 27th at 11.00, Turin Order of Labor Consultants

Event in collaboration with the Turin Order of Labor Consultants

Job Film Days addresses the topic of apprenticeship and youth work at an event organized in collaboration with the Turin Order of Labor Consultants, which will take place on Tuesday, September 27 at 11:00 at the headquarters of the Turin Order of Labor Consultants. Four short films made in Italy and France will be screened, followed by a debate with the participation of Luisella Fassino, Luca Furfaro (Turin Order of Labor Consultants) and Fabrizio Bontempo (ANGCDl-National Association of Young Labor Consultants).

Admission methods : admission by invitation.


Director: Massimo Smuraglia
Script: Gabriele Macrco Cecchi
Photography: Sirio Zabberoni
Editing: Massimo Smuraglia
Music: Samuele Luca Cecchi
Starring: Elettra Abbiati Giusti, Samuele Luca Cecchi, Paolo Volpe
Production: Associazione Nazionale Consulenti del Lavoro, Fondazione Consulenti per il Lavoro

Giacomo is beginning an internship at an office, which uses a modified version of Alexa to “optimize” time, avoid mistakes and remind the young intern about his tasks. The encounter with Teresa will open the boy’s eyes to the learning opportunities of this internship.

Massimo Smuraglia is a movie critic, Cinema History and Criticism professor and director. He has collaborated with UCCA – Arci Cinema Circuits Union, with the Tuscan Regional Picture Gallery, of which he has been Vice President and President. He has directed the Spazio Uno cineclub in Florence, organizing many important exhibitions and encounters with authors. In the year 2000, Massimo Smuraglia was one of the founders of the Anna Magnani Film School in Prato, of which he covered the role of Artistic Director until 2018. He is nowadays its President. He has made over thirty movies, among which documentaries, spots and short films.

Filmography: Venere vincitrice – Paolina Bonaparte (2018, sf), 1939 Terza Liceo (2019, sf), Margherita – Wife of Francesco Datini (2021, sf), Dylan tutto mio. Sempre (2021, sf), Qui c’è da ottimare (2022, sf)