Tuesday, September 27th at ore 15.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event in collaboration with Piemonte Movie, AIACE, Sottodiciotto Film Festival

The third edition of Job Film Days dedicates several special events to schools. The event in collaboration with Piemonte Movie, AIACE and Sottodiciotto Film Festival presents an  experience of making a work of cinema about health at the workplace as its main topic, involving high school students. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 27th at 15:00 at Cinema Massimo with the screening of La fabbrica del sogno by Max Chicco. Presented by Alessandro Gaido (Piemonte Movie). The movie will be followed by a Q&A with the director with the participation of Enrico Verra (AIACE) as well. Moderated by Alessandro Gaido.

Admission methods : admission to the event is possible with the purchase of tickets both online and at the Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.


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Director: Max Chicco
Script: Max Chicco
Photography: Juan Rolando
Editing: Michele Marco Celi
Music: Claudio Vernetti
Starring: Eugenio Gradabosco, Guido Ruffa, Grazia Perlo, Marco Giordano, Simone Poncini, Patrizia Pozzi, Stefano Zanoli, Mauro Stante, Ettore Lalli, Gustavo Genchi, Giorgio Cusanti, Angelica Loreggia
Producer: Max Chicco, Juan Rolando
Production: Meibi, Nova Rolfilm

Andrea and Michele attend the Fermi Galilei Institute in the province of Turin. Both, at different times, witness the appearance of a woman’s ghost. With the help of Michele?s friend Christian, they begin an investigation that leads them to learn what happened at the Ipca paint factory in Ciriè, where many workers died of cancer. The movie is based on real facts reworked in a fictional story.

Max Chicco (Turin, Italy, 1968) after graduating from the University of Turin, he took part in the Turin Film Festival in 1194 with the documentary Il Sig. Rossi prese il fucile, winning at the Spazio Italia section. In 1995 he founded the production company Meibi and moved to New York in the year 2000 to attend the Masters course in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. In 2006, Max Chicco made his first feature film titled Saddam.

Filmography Lunedì mattina (1996, sf), Sospetto (1997, sf), Decibel (1999, sf), Chocolate and Flowers (2000, sf), Topi d’albergo (2001, sf), Il conte di Cavour (2008, sf), Mi chiamo Morgana (2009, sf), Tartufo: un tesoro nel tempo (2009, sf), Nove gennaio (2011, sf), Amore grande (2016, sf), Amavo la Fiat (1994, doc), Il signor Rossi prese il fucile (1994, doc), Facciamo che giochiamo alla guerra (1995, doc), Città che danzano (1998, doc), Lloyd Kaufman – Un tycoon a Tromaville (2001, doc), Cinema indipendente a New York (2001, doc), Twin Towers – Una tragedia americana (2001, doc), Dance Step Off Broadway (2002, doc), I nuovi gladiatori (2004, doc), Volevano portarci via le stelle (2004, doc), Fabuleux – Concerto per Kimbau (2008, doc), Dancing Paradiso (2017, doc), Saddam (2006), La fabbrica del sogno – film TV (2020).