THE GAMER (Finland, 2023, 80′)

XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Direction, photography: Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen
Screenplay: Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen, Jussi Sandhu
Editing: Jussi Sandhu
Music: UpRight
Sound: Juho Luukkainen
Production: Napafilms

Verneri, stage name Bona, is a Finnish super videogamer, but he has never won a final. With the help of a psychologist, things seem to be taking a new turn for the young champion, who vacillates between giving up and giving everything to reach his goal. The film shows us an unknown area of the work world, that of the videogames and professional video gamers, leading us ?behind the scenes? of that environment.

Jesse Jokinen e Petri Luukkainen are Finnish filmmakers.
Jokinen began his career as assistant director for TV films and TV series in 2004. He worked as director of photography for cinema and TV. The Gamer is his first movie. Luukkainen debuted in feature film in 2013 with the autobiographical documentary comedy My Stuff, followed by works for TV before co-directing The Gamer. Currently he is preparing the musical documentary Never-ending Dream.

Jesse Jokinen: Christoffer Strandberg Show (TV series, 2023).
Petri Luukkainen: My Stuff (2013), Just Boys IRL (TV mini series, 2018), Voiko tata syoda (TV series, 2021).
Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen: The Gamer (doc., 2023).