Wednesday, September 29th at 21:00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event in collaboration with the University of Turin-GRILITS research group, Franco Antonicelli  Cultural Union and Goethe-Institut Turin

Job Film Days, in collaboration with University of Turin’s GRILITS research group, the Franco Antonicelli  Cultural Union and Goethe-Institut Turin , presents the movie Tommaso Blu by Florian Furtwangler, based on the book Tuta blu (Blue jumpsuit) by Tommaso Di Ciaula. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 28th at 21:00 at Cinema Massimo. After the screening there will be a debate with Antonella Porfido (cast member), Davide Di Ciaula (Tommaso Di Ciaula’s son), Silvio Alovisio and Claudio Panella (University of Turin-Department of Humanities). This event is also an occasion to present the new reprint of the book.

Admission method : admission to the event is possible with the purchase of tickets, both online and at Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.

TOMMASO BLU (Italy/West Germany, 1987, 90′)

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Director: Florian Furtwängler
Script: Florian Furtwängler, Peter Kammerer
Photography: James Jacobs
Editing: Heidi Handorf
Music: Peer Raben
Starring: Alessandro Haber, Marisa Eugeni, Tristano Gargano, Alessandro Haber, Claudia Cirasola, Dionisia Cirasola, Teodosio Barresi, Antonella Porfido, Luca Cirasola, Raffaello Scolanacchia, Felice Rossi
Producer: Florian Furtwängler, Christina Undritz
Production: Bayerischer Rundfunkv, Florian Furtwängler Filmproduktion

Tommaso has two things in mind: women and work. After a discussion with his boss, he leaves the factory he works at in Bari’s industrial area. He seeks a radica return to nature. But his free wandering doesn’t last long when his wife leaves him, taking their children with her. Without work and without love, he falls into misery. A rare Italian film starring Alessandro Haber inspired by Tommaso Di Ciaula’s book Tuta blu.

Florian Furtwängler (Bad Wiessee, Germany, 1935 – Munich, Germany, 1992) was a German director, actor and screenwriter. Florian Furtwängler made various movies, among them Portrait Wilhelm Furtwängler (1968), J. Paul Getty in Sutton Place (1972), Zum Abschied Chrysanthemen (1974) and Tommaso Blu (1987).

Filmography: Portrait Eines Wissenschaftlers – Deodor Lynen (1966, doc), Portrait Wilhelm Furtwängler (1968, doc), J. Paul Getty in Sutton Place (1972, doc), Zum Abschied Chrysanthemen (1974), Tommaso Blu (1987)