TRES EN LA DERIVA DEL ACTO CREATIVO / Three in the Drift of the Creative Art (Argentina, 2022, 96′)

XXX X ottobre, ore XX.XX, Cinema Massimo, Sala X

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Direction: Fernando E. Solanas
Photography: Nicolás Fedor Sulcic
Editing: Nicolás Fedor Sulcic, Luca Zampini
Music: Mauro Lazzaro
Actors: Luis Felipe Noé, Eduardo Pavlovsky, Fernando E. Solanas, Gaspar Noé, Juan Solanas, Victoria Solanas
Production: Carolina Alvarez, Victoria Solanas

Posthumous documentary by Fernando Solanas, one of the major Argentinian and Latin Americans filmmakers who died in 2020. Tres en la deriva del acto creativo describes the encounter of three senior artists and friends (Solanas, the painter Luis Felipe Noé, the playwright, actor and psychoanalyst Eduardo Pavlovsky) who met, with their relatives, to talk about their work and the ways to create it. More than a mere documentary, it is a film that proposes a common reflection on the art of making art and a heartfelt act of love towards life.

Fernando Ezequiel ?Pino? Solanas (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1936 – Paris, France, 2020), director, producer, screenwriter, actor, musician, cartoonist in the 1960s he was one of the founders of Grupo Cine Liberación. He was politically and socially committed and in 1968 he debuted in the feature film with The Hour of the Furnaces, that will become a milestone for the Latin American militant cinema and for the cinema that will be defined as the ?third cinema?, which is an alternative way to Hollywood cinema and European arthouse cinema. In 1976 he moved to Paris, in exile, and only in 1983 he returned to Argentina. In 1991 he was the victim of an assassination attempt, due to his fight against inequalities and the criticism to his Country neo-liberal policy. Other films which entered the history of cinema are those of fiction Tangos – The Exile of Gardel, biography of a legend of the Argentinian tango, The Journey and the documentaries Social Genocide and The Dignity of the Nobodies. He died in Paris at 84 years old.

Filmography: L?ora dei forni (doc., 1968), Los hijos de Fierro (1978), Tangos – L?esilio di Gardel (1985), Sur (1988), Il viaggio (1992), La nube (1998), Diario del saccheggio (doc., 2004), La dignità degli ultimi (doc., 2005), Argentina latente (doc., 2007), La próxima estación (doc., 2008), Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro (doc., 2009), Tierra sublevada: Oro negro (doc., 2011), La guerra del fracking (doc., 2013), El legado estratégico de Juan Perón (doc., 2016), A Journey to the Fumigated Towns (doc., 2018), Tres en la deriva del acto creativo (doc., 2022).