FAIRE LE BOIS (France, 2022, 45′)

Sunday 8 October, 3.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director: Lola Peuch
Photography: Victor Zébo
Editing: Cécile Martinaud
Music: Sina Araghi
Sound: Bertrand Larrieu, Bruno Ginestet
Production: Survivance

Heden, Claudia and Samantha are three prostitutes who, after various experiences, found their workplace in the Parisian Bois du Boulogne park. They come from different stories and Countries (France, Portugal, Argentina), they retrace their lives marked by migration, even in France, by police reprisals and by continuous instability. In parallel to their words and images, the film describes the existing spaces of the Bois and the history of that place, starting from its creation under the second empire, through the off-screen voice of a queer narrator.

Lola Peuch (France) graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts of Nantes and in direction at the École de cinéma documentaire of Lussas, where she created the short film À cette heure-là. She attended feminist and queer Parisian circles and expressed her sensitivity towards feminist work issues, gender ones in particular, she defines herself as an anti-abolitionist, positioning herself for the self-determination of sex workers. Faire le Bois, her first film, highlights all these themes with a poetic and political look of a very talented emergent author. She is presently working at the post-production of her new film.

Filmography: À cette heure-là (cm, doc., 2016), Faire le Bois (doc., 2022).