AMA OSA / Love Dare (Italy, 2022, 48′)

Sunday 8 October, 3.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Direction: Marija Stefanija Linuza
Photography: Margherita Duca
Editing: Leonardo Minati
Sound: Leonardo Minati, Marija Stefanija Linuza
Production: Zelig

Naomi lives in Palermo, shaved hair, oversized jumper, androgynous appearance. She starts doing the cam girl without too much persuasion to earn something, but through this job she discovers something unexpected about herself. So she starts consciously to build a true professionalism and she learns to use her body as an instrument to promote her personal artistic and political reflection on sexual liberation and on the image of the feminine body. Also thanks to Moana Pozzi.

Marija Stefanija Linuza (Riga, Latvia, 1994) graduated in Media Art and visual communication from Janis Rozentas Highschool of Riga. In 2018 she moved to Italy where she was selected for the basic directing course at Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome. In 2022 she graduated from the school of documentary ZeLIG in Bolzano, creating Ama Osa, her graduation film.

Filmography: Ama osa (doc., 2022).