CARNÉ·E·S (France, 2022, 16′)

Friday 6 October, 3.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director: Léo Deschênes
Screenplay: Léo Deschênes e Marion Moneuse
Photography: François Ray
Editing: Adrien Léongue
Sound: Renaud Duguet, Julien Gonnord, Maxime Roy
Production: Les Films du Clan

Sébastien is a butcher in a small town when a law prohibiting the sale of meat in France is approved. Determined not to lose his job, he has the idea of restarting in Italy, but the obstacles and encounters on his path will upset his plans.

Léo Deschênes (France) is a director, screenwriter and actor. During his studies at Sciences Po Lille Deschênes he made decisive encounters for his cinematographic path. He approached cinema as an actor in short films, both in 2005, Quelque choses de mal (2005) by Namir Abdel Messeeh and Un début d’automne by Nicolas Lasnibat. He co-founded PEIO Collective and in 2019 he created his first short film, Lola. At the same time he continued his studies, specializing in audiovisual production. He is presently working on his first feature film.

Filmography: Lola (cm, 2019), Oublier Rimbaud (cm, 2020), Carné·e·s (cm, 2022).