DOR / LONGING (Belgium/Romania, 2022, 52′)

Thursday 5 October, 5pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Direction: Jannes Callens
Photography: Sven Aerts
Editing: Isidor Ilic
Sound: Tim Coenegrachts
Production: Jannes Callens, Catalin Bocîrnea

Stefan Gota goes from Belgium back to Romania, his home country, to start over by working as a shepherd. The film describes his daily life in nature, the animals, the meeting with other people, and a group of young shepherds. He also is a tattoo artist and a graffiti artist for passion. The images of his profession intertwine with existential considerations. How can you lead a flock when you yourself are a little lost? The director follows this man looking for his place in the world.

Jannes Callens (Belgium) is a filmmaker and an art historian. He graduated in 2021 from the Royal Institute of Theater, Cinema and Sound in film direction. His work explores the specificities of cinema and interacts with the philosophical notion of the sublime and the anthropocene. He ventured into documentary, often with an experimental look, creating short films where he highlighted sexual frustrations (Deaf To Silence), the representation of a feminine body (Seeing & Beeing, Framing and Freeing), the alienation of a man from his natural environment (A Dark Horizon of Thought). They are short works which precede the medium-length film Dor (Longing).

Filmography: Deaf To Silence (cm, doc., 2019), Seeing & Beeing, Framing and Freeing (cm, doc., 2020), A Dark Horizon of Thought (cm, doc., 2020), Dor (Longing) (doc., 2022).