EAT BITTER (Central African Republic/China, 2023, 97′)

Friday October 6th, 6.30 p.m, Cinema Greenwich Village


Director: Pascale-Appora Gnekindi, Ningyi Sun
Screenplay: Mathieu Faure, Ningyi Sun, Pascale-Appora Gnekindi
Photography: Orphée Zaza Emmanuel Bamoy
Editing: Hannah Choe, Mathieu Faure
Music: Cal Freundlich
Production: Kea-Kwis Production, Oaz Picture Entertainment, Perpetuo Films, MJagger
Website synopsis

With Eat Bitter, co-production between the Central African Republic and China, directors Pascale Appora-Gnekindi and Ningyi Sun explore personal, economic and social relations between the populations of Central African Republic and China, who settled in the capital Bangui with construction companies. In the foreground, Luan, Chinese site manager and Thomas, in charge of retrieving the sand Luan needs from the river. Everyone fights in their own way in a Country devastated by poverty and civil war.

Pascale-Appora Gnekindi (Central African Republic) studied cinema and in 2016 participated at the documentary workshop organized at Bangui by Ateliers Varan. She is the owner of the video production company Kea-Kwis Production based in Bangui. In 2017 she directed My Eyes to Hear and in 2019 Two Sisters. Eat Bitter is her debut as a feature-film.

Ningyi Sun (China) is a director, producer and actress. Before entering the world of cinema she worked in the UN peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic. In 2022 she appeared in the short-film Intimate by Kei McLeod filmed in New Jersey. She lives in New York.

Pascale-Appora Gnekindi: My Eyes to Hear (sf, doc., 2017), Two Sisters (sf, doc., 2019).
Pascale-Appora Gnekindi, Ningyi Sun: Eat Bitter (doc., 2023).