GUARDIANO DEL FARO (The Lighthouse Keeper / Italy, 2022, 14′)

Friday 6 October, 3.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director, screenplay: Lorenzo Ferrò
Photography: Edoardo Garofalo
Editing: Lorenzo Ferrò, Edoardo Garofalo
Sound: Lorenzo Della Ratta
Production: Materiali sonori cinema, Sentiero Film Lab, Black Oaks Pictures

Victor is a young civil servant in charge of searching for malfunctioning street lamps. He wanders from one side of Rome to the other, meeting peculiar characters and through the nights he thinks about his choice of conducting a lonely and nocturnal life.

Lorenzo Ferrò (Rome, Italy, 1995) began his screenwriting and film direction path in 2016 at the Scuola Holden of Turin. After various self-produced short films, he shot the feature film, also self-produced and presently in distribution, Islanda in 2020. Guardiano del faro is his latest project and it represents a personal point of view on interpersonal relationships and on our expectations on them. In the last years he participated in different writing rooms, directed short films and videoclips, wrote personal feature and short film projects and worked on cinematographic sets as an assistant director.

Filmography (selected): Puntini Puntini Puntini (2019, cm), Islanda (2020), Guardiano del faro (2022, cm).