GWETTO (Madagascar/France, 2023, 52′)

Thursday October 5th, 7 p.m, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director, photography: Michaël Andrianaly
Editing: Valentina Barriga
Sound: Wilfried Andrianjara
Production: Les Films de la pluie, Les Films de la pépinière

Jelco, Justin, Rabetsy and Mamy have come to the economic capital of Madagascar Tamatave from different places of the country to look for a job. They do not have documents and represent internal economic refugees, which are very discriminated against. They work in a car wash station. Far from their families, they are subjugated as much by the bosses as by the residents which accuse them of being the origin of the violence in the neighborhood. Adrianaly describes a little community, giving voice to young men and offering them a glance of hope.

Michaël Andrianaly (Madagascar, 1978) is a director, editor and photographer. After studies in trade and business management, he is oriented in the field of audiovisual communication. In 2013, he produced his first documentary, Todisoa et les pierres noires. In 2014 he participated at the training of producers of documentaries in Tamatave and he created a production company, Imasoa Film, with which he co-produced his second film, Njaka Kely. They are followed by Nofinofy e Gwetto always investigating the social conditions of his Country.

Filmography: Todisoa et les pierres noires (sf, doc., 2013), Njaka Kely (doc., 2015), Nofinofy (doc., 2019), Gwetto (mf, doc., 2023).