IL POSTO / THE PLACE (Italy/France/Germany, 2022, 75′)

Saturday 7 October, 7.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director, screenplay: Gianluca Matarrese, Mattia Colombo
Photography: Mattia Colombo, Jacopo Loiodice
Editing: Giorgia Villa
Music: Cantautoma
Production: Altara Films, Bocalupo Films

Every month, thousands of nurses hold an open contest to enter the few positions open in the healthcare facilities in Northern Italy. Many of them come from the South and most of them repeat the selections several times a year. A nurse from a small town near Naples embarks on an entrepreneurial activity creating a low-cost night bus which brings the candidates to the site of the exam. Every journey opens hopes and fears for a professional future made of insecurity but also of commitment.

Gianluca Matarrese (Turin, Italy, 1980), filmmaker and screenwriter, he graduated from the University of Turin and Paris VIII, graduating simultaneously from the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since 2002 he has been living and working in the French capital. In 2008, he debuted in television as an author of a sitcom. His activity as a television author, reporter and artistic coordinator led him to work for about twenty television programs for almost every French channel, playing also in short films, tv series and movies. In 2014, he directed with Guillaume Lafond the fiction short film Mon baiser de cinéma which received the Achille Valdata award at the Turin Film Festival. Fuori Tutto (2019), the story of his family owner of a shoe factory, is his first feature documentary. With La dernière séance, he described in the form of an intimate confession his relationship with his partner.

Mattia Colombo (Treviglio, Italy, 1982) stopped painting to be a filmmaker and a producer. His filmography started in the early 2010s. In his works, Colombo confronts the cinema of reality. In his first feature film Alberi che camminano, written with Erri De Luca, he explores the ancient relationship that unites wood and human beings. His most recent work, Sconosciuti puri, directed by Valentina Cicogna, follows Cristina Cattaneo, forensic scientist, in her tireless work of naming the multitude of anonymous victims from their remains and conducting research on their DNA.


Gianluca Matarrese (selected): Mon baiser de cinéma (co-directed with Guillaume Lafond, cm, 2014), Fuori tutto (doc., 2019), La dernière séance (doc., 2021), Fashion Babylon (doc., 2022), Pinned into a Dress (sf, doc., 2022, co-regia di Guillaume Thomas), L?expérience Zola (doc., 2023).

Mattia Colombo (selezionata): Alberi che camminano (doc., 2015), Voglio dormire con te (doc., 2015), Ritmo sbilenco – Un filmino su Elio e le Storie Tese (doc., 2016), Uninvited: Marcelo Burlon (doc., 2017), Sconosciuti puri (co-directed with Valentina Cicogna, doc., 2023).

Gianluca Matarrese, Mattia Colombo: Il posto (doc., 2022).