LIFE IS A GAME (Italy, 2023, 60′)

Wednesday 4 October, 7.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director: Luca Quagliato, Laura Carrer
Subject: Laura Carrer, Luca Quagliato, Guglielmo Trupia
Photography: Luca Quagliato
Editing: Guglielmo Trupia
Music: Alek Hidell
Sound: Laura Carrer
Design and animations: Marco Meloni
Production: Irpi Media con il supporto di European Cultural Foundation

Thirteen delivery people from three continents talk about their work for the food delivery platforms and they gain awareness of their condition as workers of the gig economy. Emma, an animated character, is on her first day as a ?rider?. Hybridizing the language of ethnographic interviews with animated fiction, the film puts the audience at the center of a fictional congress between delivery people from all over the world. A complex vision of who carries out this job emerges.

Luca Quagliato (Italy), filmmaker and photographer, he graduated in Photography from CFP Bauer in 2008. Since 2014, he has been interested in environmental issues with the La Terra di Sotto (The Land Below) project , which deals with pollution in Northern Italy. The project is also at the heart of a dissemination program in middle schools and highschools. In 2018, he directed, shot and edited with Guglielmo Trupia Antropia, a sound experimental short film set in the site of Expo 2015. Life Is a Game is his feature film debut.

Laura Carrer (Italy), a freelance journalist and researcher, she mainly deals with technology and surveillance and the impact that they have on society through enquiries and reports. Her work focuses on climate change and environmental rights, housing policies and gender issues. In 2023, she published the book Black Box. Sicurezza e sorveglianza nelle nostre città (Security and surveillance in our cities) which deals with security policies and biometric control in Italian cities. Life Is a Game is her first movie.


Luca Quagliato: Antropia (co-directed with Guglielmo Trupia, sf, doc., 2018).

Luca Quagliato, Laura Carrer: Life Is a Game (doc., 2023).