PRAH. / DUST. (Slovenia, 2023, 9′)

Friday 6 October, 3.00 pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Direction, screenplay, editing: Kaja Rakuscek
Production: Tom Gomizelj

A factory, a mysterious dust and the wind that carries it.

Kaja Rakuscek (Slovenia, 1998) graduated in English Language and Literature at Ljubljana University. She is active in the fields of cinema, volunteering and poetry. By having collaborated with Luksuz Produkcija, she improved her cinematic abilities working in more than 20 projects, both individually and in groups.

Filmography: The Clockmaker (co-directed with Mael Deback and Valentina Pietroluongo, sf, doc., 2022), Dust. (sf, doc., 2023).