SCHICHTWECHSEL / THE SHIFT (Germany, 2023, 11′)

Friday 6 October, 5pm, Cinema Massimo, Room 3

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Director: Marie Pauline Bagh
Screenplay: Olivia Unruh
Photography: Jakob Dombrowski
Editing: Erni
Music: Nathan Dombrowski
Production: Ray Bremer

Two people, unrelated to each other, in a small space: Karl, a loner by choice, has to welcome the young and extroverted Mo into his job as a street cleaner, but he is not ready to cede any of his responsibilities.

Marie Pauline Bagh (Hamburg, Germany, 1998) grew up in Lübeck. Her first on-set experience was with the feature film Gut gegen Nordwind. She moved to Cologne and studied at the local university. She attended an internship in the documentary production company Fruitmarket, where she had experience as director assistant and founded the collective Ministerium für Bewegtbild with some friends. Since 2021, she has been studying direction at the International Cinema School of Cologne. In 2022, she created the very short animated film Schöner als Zuhause.

Filmography: Schöner als Zuhause (Better than Home) (sf, 2022), Schichtwechsel (The Shift) (sf, 2023).