Image exhibited at Palazzo Barolo on the occasion of the presentation of the participatory photography project promoted by LiberAzioni in the Prometeo section, 2019

Work and jail

This section, curated in collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema Association and the LiberAzioni – l’arte dentro e fuori festival, talks about a double movement, a double gaze. One turned inwards and the other one outwards the prison: different dimensions, different places, different spaces united by the desire of turning passions into actions for life, to give a voice to those who seem to have been abandoned by the world. Inside the prison, the system?s brutal nature often means the total abandonment of any idea of rehabilitation, preferring instead a punitive approach that leads to the inmates? dehumanization. This is why it is necessary to develop activities that go in the opposite direction.

Getting released from prison is always a traumatic moment of fragility, further hardened and exacerbated by the uncertainties of the pandemic. Those who return to freedom find themselves facing a highly disparaging context that has changed considerably from the past, with a new structure that is hard to define and at the mercy of welfare policies that are not always precise. Only a glimmer of light remains to nourish the detainees? dignity during detention and to increase their hopes of reintegration once they leave: work. Although faded, these lights continue to support a lot of people. The movies in this section thus feature stories of current and former inmates and their daily struggle to reintegrate into society, but they also measure themselves against the challenges of the prison environment and how they mark the path towards a possible transformation and liberation.

With the collaboration of: Valentina Noya (National Museum of Cinema Association – LiberAzioni), Vittorio Sclaverani (National Museum of Cinema Association).


    THE CLAN OF THE SEA URCHIN DIVERS (Il clan dei ricciai, Italy, 2018, 70′)   Buy your ticket online Director: Pietro Mereu Screenplay: Pietro Mereu Photography: Matteo de Martini Editing: Giacomo de Biase, Andrea Lotta Music: Joe Perrino Cast: Gesuino Banchero, Massimo Senis, Andrea Venturi; Bruno Banchero, Simone Mattana Producer: Nicolas Vaporidis, Matteo Branciamore, Primo Reggiani, […]


    IT’S NOT A DREAM (Non è sogno, Italy, 2019, 95′)   Buy your ticket online Director: Giovanni Cioni Photography: Giallo Giuman, Annalisa Gonnella Editing: Giovanni Cioni Music: Jan Rzewski Producer: Giovanni Cioni, Manuela Buono, Igor  Prin?i? Productor: Arch Production Starting from Pasolini’s “Che cosa sono le nuvole” and Calderón de la Barca’s Life is a Dream, a […]


    THE LETTER ROOM (USA, 2020, 33′)   Buy your ticket online Director: Elvira Lind Screenplay: Elvira Lind Photography: Sam Chase Editing: Adam Nielsen Scenography: Sharon Lomofsky Music: Paulo Stagnaro Cast: Oscar Isaac (Richard), Alia Shawkat (Rosita), Brian Petsos (Cris), Tony Gillan (Don), Eileen Galindo (Irene), John Douglas Thompson (Jackson), Kenneth Heaton (Ray). Producer: Ryan Chanatry, Anna […]