Friday, September 24th, 10:00 am, Juvarra Theater

Migrating to the countryside

On Friday September 24th at 10:00 am, there will be a special event at Turin?s Juvarra Theater dedicated to the world of agriculture. Organized in collaboration with Opera Torinese del Murialdo, EduCARE and ITCILO Turin, the event will consist in the screening of three works that, each in their own way, investigate some aspects of the difficult working conditions of this sector: Dignity in the field, which documents ITCILO?s project to enable direct actions aimed at preventing any kind of irregularity at the workplace, If you want peppers for two Euros which talks about the tragic demise of an agricultural worker, Underground, a short fiction film focusing on the issue of illegal employment in Apulia. During the event, the book ?Exploitation on your plate? (Laterza, 2020) by Antonello Mangano will be presented. The screening will be followed by a debate in which Massimiliano Leone (ITCILO Turin), Don Danilo Magni (Opera Torinese del Murialdo-EduCARE) and Denis Vayr (FLAI CGIL Piedmont) will intervene. Moderated by Antonello Mangano.

Access mode: free by invitation

DIGNITY IN THE FIELD by ITCILO (Dignità in campo, Italy, 2020, doc, 34′)

Production: ITCILO

Photographing the situation of the agricultural sector in Saluzzo and Siracusa and narrating with images and the voices of their protagonists, the peculiarities of a sector in trouble and the difficulties that workers have to face every year in the field. A journey to two cities that are antipodes in some ways, with over one thousand kilometers separating them, yet they both share an ancient agricultural tradition.

IF YOU WANT PEPPERS FOR TWO EUROS (Se volete i peperoni a due Euro, Italia, 2019, doc, 15′)

Director: Massimiliano Manzo
Production: Flai Nazionale, Flai Turin and Piedmont, Cgil Piedmont and Turin

July 15th 2015, Ioan Puscasu dies of heat stroke and fatigue inside a greenhouse in Carmagnola, a land famous for the cultivation of peppers. This movie narrates his tragic tale.

Massimiliano Manzo, graduated in Cinema and Media Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, he approached the world of documentary filmmaking in 2012 as a production assistant for Michele Fornasero?s SmoKings and Ottopunti di Danilo Monte. He founded the studio Frame for Breakfast in 2016.

Filmography: Dark Violet (2018, sm, doc), Se volete i peperoni a due euro (2019, sm, doc), Being With Refugees (2020, sm, doc), Un giorno qualsiasi (2020, sm, doc).

UNDERGROUND (Sottosuolo, Italy, 2020, doc, 15′)

Director: Antonio Abbate
Screenplay: Mattia Rizzo, Antonio Abbate, Michele Stefanile
Cast: Lorenzo Lavia, Lorenzo Renzi, Chiara Arrigoni, Cosimo Longo, Luca Simonelli.
Producer: Antonio Abbate
Production: Rome Film Academy

Antonio is a single father who lives with his teenage daughter. His job as a gardener is not enough to support the family, so he starts working as a courier for a foreman by bringing laborers to the fields. When one of said workers goes missing, Antonio will have to choose which side to take.

Antonio Abbate (Foggia, Italy, 1997) graduated in film directing in 2019 at the Rome Film Academy with his first short film Sottosuolo.

Filmography: Sottosuolo (2019, sm).