Wednesday September 29th, 09:00 pm, Cinema Ambrosio, Screen 2

#impresecheresistono. Faces and stories of an Italy that doesn’t give up

The event, organized by Job Film Days and Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresadi Torino (National Confederation of Crafts, Small and Medium Businesses of Turin) in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce and Opera Torinese del Murialdo, will take place on Wednesday September 29th at 09:00 pm at Cinema Ambrosio?s Screen 2.

Following the events that take place during the JFD festival, this event is closely related to the topics covered. The evening will be dedicated to the presentation of the three documentary projects produced by CNA Torino with the financial support of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, to talk about the reaction of Piedmontese companies to the pandemic. After the full screening of Rinascimento italiano – il futuro dopo il lockdown by Alberto Barbi and the trailers of #impresecheresistono nelle valli di Lanzo, Ceronda e Casternone by Erik Castello and Piemonte da amare – I volti e le storie dei professionisti del wedding by Marco Giaimo, there will be a debate with the interventions of Veneziana Furlan, Guido Gobino and Nicola Scarlatelli bringing the testimonies of the world of craftsmanship. Guido Bolatto (Turin Chamber of Commerce General Secretary), Alberto Barbi (director), Gaetano Renda (cinema exhibitor), Claudio Amateis and Mario Poma (President and Director of Gal Valli di Lanzo Ceronda Casternone), Paolo Griseri (journalist) will be present as well. Moderated by Vitaliano Alessio Stefanoni (Head of CNA Torino?s Press and Communications Office). Evening introduced by Annalisa Lantermo (Director of Job Film Days) and Filippo Provenzano (Secretary of CNA Torino).

Access mode: the event is free of charge up to a maximum of 100 seats upon reservation by writing to the email address:  for information, contact +39 3357430744

ITALIAN RENAISSANCE – THE FUTURE AFTER THE LOCKDOWN by Alberto Barbi (Rinascimento Italiano – Il futuro dopo il lockdown, Italy, 2021, 42′)

Starting from the #impresecheresistono photo exhibition curated by Virgilio Ardy (Collegio degli Artigianelli di Torino, January-June 2021) which witnessed the lockdown of 29 companies in Turin and the province during the period of March-May 2020, the movie aimed to give a voice to the photographs on display to talk about the survival strategies adopted during the pandemic by local entrepreneurs from various sectors. The excellence of Made in Italy industry is narrated through five exceptional companies called upon to evoke all five senses through which people perceive the world and its beauty that surround them: smell (coffee), taste (chocolate), touch (tailoring), sight (goldsmithing) and hearing(violin-making). Actress and acrobat Lara Quaglia will interpret the “Spirit of Made in Italy?.

#BUSINESSESTHATRESIST IN THE VALLEYS OF LANZO, CERONDA AND CASTERNONE by Erik Castello (#impresecheresistono nelle Valli di Lanzo, Ceronda e Casternone, Italy, 2021, trailer 5′)

Promoting companies from the Alpine territories and at the same time showing the beauty of the landscape in the Lanzo, Ceronda and Casternone valleys still little known to the general public, the movie gathers the testimonies of entrepreneurs relating to the first and second lockdown periods caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and it documents the survival and economic strategies put in place or in the pipeline in the coming months or years.

PIEDMONT TO LOVE – THE FACES AND STORIES OF WEDDING PROFESSIONALS by Marco Giaimo (Piemonte da amare – I volti e le storie dei professionisti del wedding, Italy, 2021, trailer 2′)

A journey to Piedmont to discover the many workers of the weddings industry: seamstresses and tailors, goldsmithworkshops, jewelers, wedding favor producers and traders, photographers, florists, wedding planners, historical buildings. A sector that has been heavily affected by the repeated lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and, in that sense, this documentary intends to send a message of hope to the public on the concrete possibility of the entire sector to restart its activities.