Within the cultural offering of the Job Film Days Festival, the personal exhibition ?Artwork? by Antonio Pronostico, who made the image of the festival?s 2022 edition, will take place at the Febo e Dafne Art Gallery in Via Vanchiglia 16 (inside the courtyard) in Turin, from September 15th to Sunday October 2nd. The exhibition is an anthology of illustrations, comprising about 30 works. The itinerary starts from covers done by the author for the ?Working class? series by Edizioni Alegre in 2018 up to unpublished works created specifically for the festival. For Pronostico, this exhibition in Turin is the opportunity to keep on reflecting about workers? rights, putting great attention to a context and landscape that is in constant transformation in both a human and working standpoint.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 15:00 to 19:00. On the occasion of the joint openings of Ouverture Tag, the inauguration will have extended hours from 17:00 to 23:00. Free admission.