Wednesday, September 29th at 18:30, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Eastern Europe Section – Event in collaboration with the Turin Order of lawyers

Job Film Days dedicates a special event within its Eastern Europe section, to the work of lawyers and the difficulties they find in a system where the respect of fundamental rights is not guaranteed. The event, organized in collaboration with the Turin Order of Lawyers , will take place on Thursday, September 29th at 18:30 at Cinema Greenwich Village with the screening of the movie Delo ? The Case by Nina Guseva. After the screening there will be a debate with the participation of Emiliana Olivieri (Turin Order of Lawyers) and a magistrate of Turin?s Public Prosecutor Office. Moderated by Federica Cravero (journalist).

Admission methods : admission to the event is possible with the purchase of tickets at Cinema Greenwich Village?s ticket office.

THE CASE / DELO (Russia, 2021, 76?)

Director : Nina Guseva
Photography : Nina Guseva
Editing : Kirill Sakharnov
Music : Igor Vdovin
Producer : Sergey Yahontov
Production : Stereotactic

Maria Esmont is a militant Russian lawyer who defends people imprisoned by the regime only because they dared to protest. Her commitment is tireless. The movie follows her from 2019 to 2021 when she deals specifically with the cause of a young political activist. In addition to that emblematic case, the lawyer continues her work with other people who need her courage and steadfast nerves, fundamental requirements for dealing with the obstacles that she has to face.

Nina Guseva (Moscow, Russia, 1988) she graduated in acting from the Moscow Art Theatre School; subsequently she has acted for theater and cinema. Starting in 2018, she attended the Marina Razbezhkina documentary film school and the following year she made Rosa , her first short film. With the documentary The Case , presented at the International Documentary Filmfestival  in Amsterdam, Nina Guseva signs her first feature film. 

Filmography : Rosa (2019, sf, doc), The Case (2021, doc)