Friday September 30th, 21.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event in Collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Lima Film Festival

Job Film Days continues this year with its collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Lima Film Festival, with the event taking place on Friday September 30th at 21:00 at Cinema Massimo. The movie El Gran Movimiento by Kiro Russo, awarded at the Lima FIlm Festival as Best Fiction Film in the context of promotion of “decent work”, will be screened. After the movie, there will be an encounter with Alfredo Villaviciencio Ríos (Catholic University of Peru, Cinetrab) and César Augusto Jordán Palomino (Consul General of Peru in Turin).

Admission methods : it is possible to attend this event by purchasing tickets online or at the ticket office of Cinema Massimo.

EL GRAN MOVIMIENTO/THE GREAT MOVEMENT (Bolivia/France/Qatar/Switzerland, 2021, 85′)

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Director: Kiro Russo
Script: Kiro Russo
Photography: Pablo Paniagua
Editing: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Felipe Gálvez
Music: Miguel Llanque, Midnight Driver, Anton Vlasov
Starring: Hurtado, Gustavo Milán Ticona
Producer: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Alexa Rivero, Andreas Roald
Production: Socavón, Altamar Films, Doha Film Institute, Bord Cadre Films, Sovereign Films

La Paz is a chaotic city that stretches out like a sea of bricks, stone and mortar. Elder, a young miner from Huanuni, goes to the Bolivian capital in search of a job and to manifest alongside his colleagues in order to get it. He doesn’t know anybody there and is struck by a rare disease that makes him weaker and weaker. A woman takes care of him and convinces homeless man Max to use his powers to heal Elder. A movie that gives voice to the life of those considered to be invisible.

Kiro Russo (La Paz, Bolivia, 1984) is a director, editor, screenwriter and producer. After attending the FUC in Buenos Aires, he directed short films and premiered in 2016 with his first feature film Dark Skull, presented in many festivals, among which the Locarno Film Festival. El Gran Movimiento, developed with the support of some writing residencies and presented at the Venice Film Festival, is Kiro Russo’s second feature film.

Filmography: Enterprisse (2010, sf), Juku (2011, sf), Nueva Vida (2015, sf), Dark Skull (2016), El Gran Movimiento (2021)