Thursday, September 23rd, 04:00 pm. Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Factories and the territory

On Thursday, September 23rd at 04:00 pm at Cinema Massimo?s Screen 3, there will be a special event organized in collaboration with Piemonte Movie, with the screening of two documentaries linked to two different working realities in the Region that have profoundly affected the territory and its people.

Access mode: admission to the event is available by purchasing the tickets online or at the Cinema Massimo?s ticket office.

THE VILLAGE?S FACTORY (La fabbrica del villaggio, Italy, 2021, doc, 18′)

Curated by Paolo Casalis, Alessandro Gaido, Stefano Scarafia
Production: Time2 Foundation, Piemonte Movie Association, Municipality of Villar Perosa, Cantiere Senza Sensi Association. Made at the Cinema delle Valli Laboratory.

The result of the territorial promotion project of the same name, which resulted in the creation of a cross-media tourist itinerary aimed at the enhancement of the small city of Villar Perosa, this short film summarizes the experience and the desire to create a shared historical memory, telling the story of the territory and its inhabitants through their relationship with the Riv-SKF factory and the Giovanni Agnelli workers? village. A community project to (re)build and consolidate social bonds between people of different age groups, social background and personal experiences.

GHOSTS IN FERRANIA  (Fantasmi a Ferrania, Italy, 2020, 77′)

Director: Diego Scarponi
Photography: Davide Rossi
Editing: Lorenzo Martellacci
Music: Simonluca Laitempergher
Producer: Claudio Giapponesi
Production: Kiné, Gargagnànfilm

The history of Ferrania, film factory located at a small borough in the Ligurian hinterland, is now one hundred years old. At the same time, this is the story of a huge factory, a company, a brand, a territory: an entire valley involved involved in the production of photosensitive chemicals, generations of people who, in the shadows, created photographic rolls, cinematographic films, x-ray sheets and plates for printing. A technologically advanced factory, enclosed in Art Noveau-style buildings, surrounded by workers? villages, crossed by the Bormida river and bordered by the railway, bordered by the woods of Adelasia.

Diego Scarponi, works at the University of Genoa, where he leads the Buster Keaton Audio Visual Laboratory. Here he does teaching and research activities on the traces of industrial presence in the urban environment and on the role that this presence has today in the construction of contemporary identity. He has produced and made numerous documentary and cross-media projects.

Filmography: Nero Senza Titolo (2008, doc), L’Età del Ferro (2013, doc), Memoria Fossile (2014, doc), Alfabeto Camallo. Noi eravamo tutto (2015, doc), Shadows of Endurance (2016, doc), Impa la Ciudad (2016, doc), Fantasmi a Ferrania (2021, doc).