Wednesday September 22nd, 06:30 pm, Cinema Massimo Screen 1

Inauguration Job Film Days 2021 – Opening Movie

The inauguration ceremony of Job Film Days’ second edition, presented by Manuela Grippi, actress and hostess of the event, will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd at 08:30 pm at Cinema Massimo’s Screen 1, with the screening of The Gig is Up di Shannon Walsh. The movie will be introduced by Francesco Ramella (University of Turin – Culture, Politics and Society department). Before the screening, the institutional greetings will officially kick off the 2021 edition of the festival.

Access mode: Admission is reserved for guests. In any case a quota of tickets will be made available to the public, which can be purchased online and at the movie theater?s ticket office.

THE GIG IS UP (Canada, France, 2021, 88′)

Director: Shannon Walsh
Screenplay: Shannon Walsh, Harold Crooks, Julien Goetz
Photography: Étienne Roussy
Editing: Sophie Farkas-Bolla
Music: David Chalmin
Producer: Ina Fichman, Luc Martin-Gousset
Production: Intuitive Pictures, Point du Jour, Documentary Channel Arte Geie

Millions of people around the world find a job opportunity in the Gig Economy, drawn in by the promise of flexible working hours, independence in addition to time and money availability. Alas the technological magic may not be magical at all and reality often turns out to be very different: dangerous working conditions, unsecured pay and job instability are but a few of the main characteristics of this precarious and poorly protected system. Who are the gig workers that move, without any job rights and security, in this gray area?

Shannon Walsh (London, Canada, 1976) is a screenwriter, director, producer, author and teacher at the British Columbia University. She has won awards for her numerous documentaries and short films such as Illusions of Control (2019), Jeppe on a Friday (2013) and H20il (2009). Her movies have been broadcasted internationally and screened in over sixty movie festivals and cultural centers like the Venice Biennale and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Filmography: Revisit (2002, sm), Sayeh (2003, sm), Fire & Hope (2004, sm), Close-up (2004, sm), Eclectic Curiosity (2005, sm), No One is Illegal (2005, sm), Inkani (2006, sm), Space in Between (2006, sm), Sub_mare (2007, sm), Open Space (2007, cm), Gone (2007, cm), Aliport primary vs bayer (2007, cm), A Bruise, Blue (2008, sm), Home-less (2008, sm), H2OIL (2009, doc), À St-Henri Le 26 Août (2011, doc), Niger Delta Remix: Last Nights Niger Delta (2012, sm), Jeppe on a Friday (2013, doc), Under the Umbrella (2014, sm), Disappearance: Hong Kong Stories (2018, sm), Matsutake Hunters (2019, sm), Illusions of Control (2019, doc), The Gig is Up (2021, doc).