Tuesday September 27th at 11.00, Turin Order of Labor Consultants

Director: Adamo Mastrangelo
Script: Adamo Mastrangelo
Photography: Ilaria Braccialini
Music: Karl Casey
Starring: Manuel Macadamia
Producer: Adamo Mastrangelo
Production: Maco Produzioni

Luca is a young worker like many others at his age. During the renewal of his job contract he wonders about the meaning of work and life in general. He confronts the world in which his father lived and will understand that his life is nothing but a pattern imposed from above.

Adamo Mastrangelo is an Italian director and writer born in Milan (Italy, 1985). In addition to having published articles for magazines like «Rinascita», «Calendario del Popolo» and the essay Foibe, quello che non si dice, he has collaborated with various newspapers and currently works with «Liberoinformato». As a director, Adamo Mastrangelo has made documentaries, short films and a music video.

Filmography: Nel ventre di Milano (2020, doc), L’uomo d’acciaio (2021, sf)