Friday September 24th, 06:30 pm, Cinema Massimo, Screen 2

Masterclass with Lech Kowalski

On Friday September 24th at 06:30 pm, a Masterclass with director Lech Kowalski will take place at Cinema Massimo’s Screen 2. Giuseppe Gariazzo will moderate the event.

Access mode: free of charge upon reservation to the following email address:

Lech Kowalski

(London, United Kingdom, 1951) immigrated to the United States with his parents of Polish origin. He lived in numerous cities then settled in New York. Here he began frequenting the metropolis’ underground, the pornographic industry, ghettos and the music scene while starting his activities as an independent filmmaker. Kowalski’s cinema always focuses on the most marginal segments of society, building over the years a kaleidoscope of stories, faces, narratives and parables as unexpected as they are human. Retrospectives and personal exhibitions are dedicated to him in some of the world’s most important film libraries and international festivals.

“As an immigrant, I tried from the very beginning to find my place in America, but due to my background I never felt fully integrated. The past of my parents weighed heavily on my life, both of whom were deported in their youth to the Siberian gulags. Then I discovered the Lower East Side and met that people who, like me, lived at the margins of society. I slowly became more and more involved in this nihilistic lifestyle, to get interested in the different realities with which I came into contact and to feel part of many small families? the observation of this reality through the camera lens is a way to find my place in the world, I recognize myself with my characters and everything becomes a lot clearer. In a way, they also find their place in the world through my movies.” Lech Kowalski.

Filmography: New Loops (1975), Sex Stars (1976), Walter and Cutie (1977, doc, cm), D.O.A. (1980, doc), Story of a Junkie (1987, doc), Rock Soup (1991, doc), Chico and the People (1992, doc, cm), Born To Lose: The Last Rock and Roll Movie (1999, doc), The Boot Factory (2000, doc), Hey! Is Dee Dee Home? (2002, doc), On Hitler’s Highway (2002, doc), East of Paradise (2005, doc), Diary of a Married Man (2005, doc, cm), Winners and Losers (2007, doc), The End of The World Begin With A Lie (2010, doc), Holy Field, Holy War (2013, doc), La malédiction du gaz de schiste (2013, doc), I Pay for Your Story (2017, doc), Blow It to Bits (2019, doc), On va tout péter (2019, doc), This is Paris Too (2020, doc).