Sunday, October 2nd at 19.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Introductory event to the awarding of prizes for the Job Film Days 2022 writing workshop

On Sunday, October 2nd at 19:00 the movie Qualcosa di noi by Wilma Labate will be screened, followed by an encounter with twelve students from the Bottega Finzioni writing school and Jana, a prostitute from profession and choice for 11 years and protagonist. This event will be the opportunity to present Job Film Days 2022 Dall’idea al soggetto (from the idea to the scriptment) writing workshop, which focuses on script ideas for documentaries and short films about work-related themes aimed at filmmakers and industry operators under the age of 35 who participated.
The movie will be presented by director Wilma Labate.

Admission methods: admission to the event is possible with the purchase of tickets, both online and at Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.


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Director: Wilma Labate
Script: Wilma Labate, Sara Olivieri, Michele Cogo
Photography: Francesco di Giacomo
Editing: Marco Guelfi
Music: Angelo Olivieri
Starring: Jana, Laura Pizzirani, Orso Jacopo Tosco, Monica Guarini Matteucci, Camillo Acanfora, Paolo Carati, Lorenzo Pullega, Eva Brugnettini, Andrea Forgione, Luigi Brandonisio, Francesco Tedeschi, Elisabetta Sinopoli, Emanuela Busà, Michele Ottoveggio, Laura Cimino, Giulia Rovelli
Producer: Siomne Bachini
Production: Bottega Finzioni

Jana is a 46 year-old prostitute. Twelve students from the Bottega Finzioni writing school head to the ancient borough of Iano to meet her. All the participants are suddenly involved in a tale that sees its principle in the human body and money. Jana creates a comfortable environment that leads the students to remove all reticence and put themselves on stage.

Wilma Labate (Rome, Italy, 1949), director and screenwriter, she has made numerous documentaries after graduating in Philosophy. With a long filmography dedicated to topics with a strong social impact behind her, she directed Lavorare stanca, presented at the Locarno Film Festival in 1997. Among her works, Lettere dalla Palestina (2003) was screened at the Berlin Film Festival while Maledetta mia (2003), Arrivederci Saigon and La ragazza ha volato (2021) were presented in Venice.

Filmography: Ciro il piccolo (1991, mlf, doc), Ambrogio (1992), La mia generazione (1996), Genova. Per noi (2001, doc), Un altro mondo è possibile (2001, doc), Domenica (2001, doc), Lettere dalla Palestina (2003, doc), Maledetta mia (2003, doc), Signorina Effe (2006), Qualcosa di noi (2014, doc), Raccontare Venezia (2017, doc), Arrivederci Saigon (2018, doc), La ragazza ha volato (2021)