Saturday, October 1st at 21.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event about ILVA in Taranto – In collaboration with CinemAmbiente Festival

Job Film Days is a festival that is attentive to the current reality of work in Italy and worldwide. The ILVA in Taranto represents a dramatic reality where the problems of employment intertwine with health problems. On Saturday, October 1st at 21:00 the documentary Taranto by Victor Cruz will be screened in collaboration with CinemAmbiente Festival , to raise awareness among the public about the difficult situation that still persists in the largest Italian steel. After the movie, there will be a debate with the participation of Massimo Castellana (City committee for Health and the Environment in Taranto) and Cinzia Zaninelli (Taranto Parents Association). Moderated by Massimiliano Quirico ( Sicurezza e Lavoro Association).

Admission methods : admission to the event is possible with the purchase of tickets, both online and Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.

TARANTO (Argentina, 2021, 64′)

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Director: Víctor Cruz
Script: Víctor Cruz
Photography: Matteo Vieille
Editing: Marcos Pastor
Music: Francisco Seoane
Producer: Víctor Cruz, Anita Rizzi, Gabriel Díaz Córdova

The Tamburi district of Taranto borders with Ilva, Europe’s largest steel mill. Marked by suffering and grief, the inhabitants tell their story of a land sacrificed to the demands of an unhinged capitalism that doesn’t care about the damage done to people by harmful and deadly dioxin emissions, which have tragically increased the spread of tumors and the loss of human lives, including children.

Víctor Cruz (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1973) is a film producer and director. During his career, he has devoted himself mainly to documentary movies, making El perseguidor (2009), Boxing Club (2012), La noche de las cámaras despiertas (2002). Víctor Cruz’s latest film, Taranto (2021), was presented at the 2022 Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.

Filmography: El perseguidor (2009), Boxing Club (2012, doc), La noche de las cámaras despiertas (2002, doc), Taranto (2021, doc).