Friday, September 30th at 17:00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

Event about child labour in collaboration with ITCILO Turin 

The world premiere of Child Labour, in Their Own Words made by ITCILO and the documentary Il sogno dei minori by Mohamed Kenawi are an opportunity to talk about the working conditions of minors all over the world. The event, which aims to address a current and urgent matter, has been organized by Job Film Days in collaboration with ITCILO Turin. It will take place on Friday, September 30th at 17:00 in Cinema Massimo. Afterwards, there will be a debate with Luisa Guimaraes and Massimiliano Leone (ITCILO Turin), Ylenia Serra (Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence in the Piedmont Region), Sonia Bertolini (University of Turin-Department of Culture, Politics and Society) and a Q&A with director Mohamed Kenawi.

Admission methods: admission to this event is possible with the purchase of tickets, both online and at Cinema Massimo’s ticket office.


CHILD LABOUR AND MODERN SLAVERY, IN THEIR OWN WORDS (Philippines Morocco, Vietnam, Jordan, Serbia and Nepal, 2022, 30′)

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Director: ITCILO
Scriptment: ITCILO
Photography: RJ Mabilin, A. Azizi, Vu Ngoc Dung, N. Rabadi, J. Marjanovic, D. Bhandari
Editing: ITCILO/Fine Production
Music: Fine Production
Starring: W. Moura, Eron, L. Garcia, J. Madlangbayan, Ghizlan, M. Tabyaoui, Ngân, Radwan, Yousef, Bosko, S. Kljajic, P. Lohar
Producer: USDOL/ILO
Production: Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, Jordan, Serbia, Nepal

This documentary explores the realities of child labor and modern slavery in six countries around the world: Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, Jordan, Serbia and Nepal. This is the story of Eron, a boy who escaped from the gold mines in the Philippines; of Ghizlan, a girl trapped in inhuman conditions while she worked as a maid 24/7; of Ngan, who worked at a carpentry shop several hours away from home; of Yousef, who sold vegetables but dreamed of becoming a chef; of Bosko, who was once arrested for selling handkerchiefs on the streets; and of Pushpa, who worked on behalf of contractors who forced her to work long hours. The documentary also highlights the work done through global cooperation to end child labor and modern slavery.

IL SOGNO DEI MINORI (Italia, 2019, 47′)

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Director: Mohamed Kenawi
Script: Mohamed Kenawi
Producer: Mohamed Kenawi
Production: Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, Domino Film

Through the story of three non-EU boys who arrived in Italy as minors, Mohamed Kenawi’s documentary is a portrait of the arrival of unaccompanied minors across Europe, one of the most relevant phenomena in recent years.

Mohamed Kenawi (Egypt, 1972) graduated in Italian Language and Literature from the Ein Shams University in Cairo. Once in Italy, he graduated in Film Directing and editing at the Scuola di Cinema Istituto Superiore per la Cinematografia e la Televisione in 2000. Mohamed Kenawi then started working in Cinema and in 2006 he founded the production company Domino Film. As a director, he has made numerous documentaries dedicated to diversity, minorities and human rights.

Filmography: Maschera mia, quanto mi costi (2013, doc), Quando Rumi incontra Francesco (2017, doc), Lo straniero (2018, doc), Il sogno dei minori (2019, doc), Il ragazzo con la maschera (2019, doc), Vesuvian Love Story (2021), Tam Tam Basket – The Dream Team (2021, doc)