Saturday October 16th, 06:00 pm, Juvarra courtyard of the Archiepiscopal Seminary, Vercelli

The work of women

Job Film Days and the Sistema Blanderate-Comitato ?Se 8 ore? Association will present a special event dedicated to the work of women, on Saturday September 16th, at 06:00 pm at the Juvarra courtyard of the Juvarra courtyard of the Archiepiscopal Seminary of Vercelli. It is in continuity with the section of the Job Film Days 2021 section of the same name. Through the testimonies, the tales, direct experiences and anecdotes of the guests that will be present, we will approach the topic of women?s work with the support of contemporary and historical film contributions and unpublished images taken from the backstage of important movie productions. The evening will count with the presence of Cristiana Capotondi (actress), Tea Ranno (writer), Marco Grossi (director of De Santis Association and the Fondi Film Festival), Flavio Oreglio (writer and entertainer), Giorgio Simonelli (Cinema and Television History professor) and Annalisa Lantermo (director of Job Film Days). Matteo Bellizzi (director) will host the evening.

Access mode: free admission subject to seats availability