Friday, September 30th at 10.00, Polytechnic of Turin, Aula Magna

Event in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin as part of the “European Researchers”Night”

As part of the cultural offering of the “ European Researchers’ Night” , Job Film Days is organizing the screening of the movie Woman and the Glacier by Audius Stonys at the Polytechnic of Turin  on Friday, September 30th at 10:00 am. The event, organized in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin as part of the didactic activities, will be the occasion to reflect and discuss about the relationship between humans and the environment. After the screening, there will be a debate with Giovanni Mortara (University of Turin-Department of Earth Sciences) and Alberto Godio (Polytechnic of Turin-Department of Environmental, Territory and Infrastructure Engineering).

Admission Methods : free admission

MOTEIRS IR LEDYNAS / WOMAN AND THE GLACIER (Lithuania/Estonia, 2016, 56′)

Director: Audrius Stonys
Script: Audrius Stonys
Photography: Audrius Kemezys
Editing: Mirjam Jegorov
Producer: Radvilé Sumilé, Riho Västrik
Production: UKU Films, Vesilind

Audrius Stonys, one of the masters of Lithuanian documentary cinema, tells the story of his countrywoman Ausrele Revutaite, a scientist who spent from 1982 to 2014 working in total solitude in a glaciological station located at 3,500 meters on the Tuyuk-Su glacier, between Kazakhstan and the Xinjiang autonomous region in China. Almost devoid of dialogue and using the power of images, this movie is the portrait of a woman and a changing environment.

Audrius Stonys (Vilnius, Lithuania, 1966) is one of the masters of Lithuanian documentary cinema. Since the early Eighties, he has done 13 documentaries, presented at some of the most important international movie festivals. His movie Ramin (2011) was selected as a Lithuanian nominee to the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film for the 84th edition of the Academy Awards.

Filmography: Griuvesiu apastalas (1992, sf), Antigravitacija (1995, doc, sf), Skydris per Lietuva arba 510 sekundziu tylos (2000, doc, sf), Viena (2001, doc, sf), Uostas (2001, sf), Skrajojimai melynam lauke (2001, sf), Neregiu zeme (2001, doc, sf), Paskutinis vagonas (2003, sf), Countdown (2004, doc), Uku ukai (2006, doc, sf), Verpas (2007, doc), Keturi zingsniai (2009, doc, sf), I Walked Through Fire, You Were with Me (2010, doc, sf), Ramin (2011, doc), Cenotaph (2013, doc), Gates of the Lamb (2014, doc, sf), Woman and the Glacier (2016, doc) Bridges of Time (2018, doc), Teatro biografijos (2022, doc, TV series)