Friday 30th september at 18.30, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Srdan Kovacvic
Script: Srdan Kovacvic
Photography: Srdan Kovacvic
Editing: Damir Cucic, Srdan Kovacvic, Iva Kraljevic
Starring: Bozo Dragoslavic, Dragutin Varga
Producer: Sabina Kresic
Production: Fade In

The Itas factory in Ivanec, Croatia was built in 1960 in socialist Yugoslavia. After the failed privatization in 2005, workers saved it by self-managing it and transforming it into an alternative way of production against capitalist economy. Now the crisis and debts pose moral and factual questions to the workers. The movie, entirely shot inside the factory, follows ten years of struggle to keep a collective vision of work alive.

Entirely shot inside the Croatian Itas factory in Ivanec, the movie follows ten years of struggle by workers, who in 2005 gave rise to self-management to prevent its closure. Now the crisis and debts pose factual and moral questions to the workers.

Srdan Kovacvic (Zagreb, Croatia, 1982) graduated in Direction of Photography at the University of Zagreb?s Academy of Dramatic Arts and since the year 2000 has worked as a cameraman for both cinema and television. After directing a few documentaries, Factory to the Workers (2021) is Srdan Kovacvic?s first feature film.

Filmography: Dvostruki Teret (2015, sf, doc), Wir sprechen Deutsch! Und Du? (2016, sf, doc, co-directed), Factory to the Workers (2021, doc)

Filmography: The Last Shift of Tomás Hisem (2017, sf), Nová Sichta (A New Shift, 2020, doc)