INVISIBLE HANDS (Austria, 2021, 12′)

Saturday 1st october at 17.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Lia Sudermann, Simon Nagy
Script: Lia Sudermann, Simon Nagy
Editing: Lia Sudermann, Simon Nagy
Music: Elias Candolini Stabentheiner
Production: Akademie der bildenen Künste Wien

What is the role of a camera when it comes to highlight an invisible work? Using archival family footage from the 60s and 70s, the directors reflect on care work, often done by “invisible” hands.

Lia Sudermann was born in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1985 and nowadays lives in Vienna, where she works theater and as a performer. She graduated from the Cologne Academy of Art in 2015 and she’s been attending a Master at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts since 2018. Lia Sudermann is a movie director who has directed some short films and two documentaries.

Filmography: Grind (2014, sf), Zum scluss bleidt nur die Berberitze (2015, doc), Only Barberry Remains (2016, doc), Invisible Hands (2021, sf, co-director)

Simon Nagy is an Austrian director who has co-directed his first work Invisible Hands, with Lia Sudermann.

Filmography: Invisible Hands (2021, sf, co-director)