59.1. THE PROFESSION OF THE DOCUMENTARY MAKER (59.1 Il mestiere del documentarista, Italy, 2021, 23′)

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Director: Sandro Bozzolo
Screenplay: Sandro Bozzolo
Photography: Sandro Bozzolo
Editing: Marco Lo Baido
Music: Pier Renzo Ponzo Ciro Buttari
Cast: Tanchi Michelotti, Alex Biancheri, Leo Lacarne, Silvio Galliano, Mauro Brondi
Production: Centro Cooperazione Culturale, Archivio Super8misti, Cooperativa Caracol, Associazione Terre di Mongia, ANOLF Cuneo, FAI Cisl, Centro Gli Aquiloni ODV, Fondazione Time2

There is a craft that encompasses all others. A profession of craftsmanship and observation, of practice and theory. The profession of the documentary maker, an independent author traveling among the lives of others. Reality is their work material, one subject to interpretation and narration. The documentary maker not only narrates reality, but contributes to creating it and for this reason it will always be a valuable line of work.

Sandro Bozzolo (1986) studied Communications and Urban Documentary Making in Italy, Lithuania and Colombia. He is a PhD in Migration and Intercultural Processes at the University of Genoa. He is an author of books, short films and documentaries, including the award-winning ? Maasai in the Alps?, Nijol?andSiamo qui da vent?anni.

Filmography: Autunno viola (2011), Lettere da Bucarest (2012, sm), Amazonia 2.0 (2012, doc), Re-turn (2014, doc), #Austerity (2014, doc), Ilmurràn – Maasai in the Alps (2015), Makhno (2017, doc), Nijole (2018, doc), Siamo qui da vent?anni (2020, doc), 7 lune e un palmo di neve (2021), 59.1 Il mestiere del documentarista (2021).