AT THE FRONT LINE (In prima linea, Italy, 2020, 82′)

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Director: Matteo Balsamo, Francesco Del Grosso
Script: Francesco Del Grosso
Photography: Gianluca Sacchi
Editing: Roberto Mariotti
Music: Paolo Fosso
Cast: Isabella Balena, Giorgio Bianchi, Ugo Lucio Borga, Francesco Cito, Pietro Masturzo, Gabriele Micalizzi, Arianna Pagani, Franco Pagetti, Sergio Ramazzotti, Andreja Restek, Massimo Sciacca, Livio Senigalliesi, Francesca Volpi
Producer: Matteo Balsamo, Francesco Del Grosso, Paolo Fosso
Production: Giotto Production, in collaboration with Merry-Go-Sound

The front lines through the lens and words of thirteen photojournalists, who have exposed the despair, the horrors, the suffering and the enduring scars of war with their pictures. The voices, shots, memories and reflections of men and women who have chosen more than a job, but a way of life.

Matteo Balsamo (Broni, Italy, 1977), actor and director, and Francesco Del Grosso (Rome, Italy, 1982) director and critic, both authors – besides their own documentary projects they have done individually – directed together the documentary In prima linea in 2020.

Filmography: In prima linea (2020, doc).