AZA KIVY / MORNING STAR (Madagascar, 2020, 77′, doc)

Saturday 1st october at 19.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Nantenaina Lova
Script: Nantenaina Lova, Eva Lova-Bely
Photography: Nantenaina Lova
Editing: Nantenaina Lova
Music: Tarika Remanindry, Samba & Nindry, Jao Piarakandro, Mandalina
Producer: Eva Lova-Bely
Production: Endemika Films

Andaboy is a sacred beach in Southwestern Madagascar. Elders say it should remain uncontaminated. Local population lives off fishing. The construction of a port by the Australian company Base Toliara jeopardizes its equilibrium, threatening to displace local fishermen and subtract acres of land from their usual activities. Not willing to surrender, the community begins a resistance struggle to defend their territory.

Nantenaina Lova is a director from Madagascar (1977) who moved to France in 1999 to study Sociology. Returning to his country during the early 2000s, Nantenaina Lova began working as a journalist for «Les Nouvelles». In 2008 he started studying film directing at the Tolouse Ècole Supérieure d’Audiovisuel, graduating with honors. In the same year he founded the production company Endemika Films with Eva Lova and Candy Radifera. In 2013 Nantenaina Lova debutted with the documentary feature film Avec Presque Rien… and in the following years he directed movies presented at important movie festivals all over the world.

Filmography: 2euro à Madaascar (2007, doc, sf), L’envers du décor –  Lettre à mon frère (2007, doc, sf), Petits Hommes (2008, sf), Le Rouge du Paradis (2009, sf), Conter les feuilles (2011, sf), Avec Preque Rien… (2013, doc), Ady Gasy – The Malagasy Way (2014, doc), Lakana (2017, doc, sf), Zanaka, ainsi parlait Félix (2019, doc, sf), Morning Star (2020, doc, sf)