Thursday 29th september at 21.00, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Tommaso Facchin, Ivan Franceschini
Photography: Tommaso Facchin
Editing: Tommaso Facchin
Producer: Ratana Heng, Ivan Franceschini, Roberto Cavallini
Production: Made in China Journal

Sreyra, Ponler and Sreyven are three young Cambodian women who work in the apparel industry and produce clothing for the most famous and important brands in the word. Ever since constant faintings begin to happen at the factory, its working conditions have begun to be investigated. But ingrained popular beliefs suggest it is the work of spirits.

Tommaso Facchin is a self-taught director who, after graduating from the department of Asian Studies at Venice’s Ca’ Foscari, works in China since 2006, making documentaries and reportages dedicated to Chinese work life and civil society. In 2011 he co-directed Dreamwork China and subsequently other short documentaries with Ivan Franceschini.

Filmography: Storia di una moschea errante (2008, doc, sf), Dreamwork China (2011, doc, co-director), Piccoli pesci (2012, doc, sf), Spazi invisibili (2013, doc, sf), Boramey – Ghosts in the Factory (2021, co-director)

Ivan Franceschini is a researcher at Canberra’s Australian National University. He worked in China doing research on workers’ rights and activism from 2006 to 2015, while he recently has dedicated his studies to Cambodia Cambogia. An author of several books about contemporary China, Ivan Franceschini has co-directed with Tommaso Facchin the documentaries Dreamwork China and Boramey ? Ghosts in the Factory.

Filmography: Dreamwork China (2011, doc, co-director), Boramey – Ghosts in the Factory (2021, co-director)