BREXITALY (Italy, 2020, 40′)

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Director: Carmine De Ieso, Martina Galliè, Greta Rossi
Script: Carmine De Ieso, Martina Galiè, Greta Rossi
Photography: Carmine De Ieso, Martina Galiè, Greta Rossi
Editing: Carmine De Ieso, Martina Galiè, Greta Rossi
Music: Davide Norcini
Cast: Daria Mazzocchio, Michele Di Milo, Aisha Offeh, Giuseppe Colacino, Silvia Consoli, Riccardo Mischiatti, Valerio Alessandri, Biagio Cilia, Lucrezia Pollice, Antonello Corvaro, Nicholas Leppini, Sara Fattore, Lorenzo Melini, Giulia Biagini, Silvia Tanzini, Cristiana Saraceni, Giorgia Caristi, Antonella Liaci, Alessandro Bossio, Isis Madonna Basile, Riccardo Vargiu, Carla Marchis, Guglielmo Savergnini, Gianluca Sorrentino
Producer: Carmine De Ieso, Martina Galiè, Greta Rossi
Production: CSC Abruzzo

London 2019, Brexit is almost like Godot: you wait for it but it never comes. While waiting, a few young Italian immigrants tell their stories in the UK. Disappointed by the few job prospects in their native country, they left for a ?new world? to which they had to adapt, torn between nostalgia and hope for the future.

Carmine De Ieso (Benevento, Italy, 1991), Martina Galliè (Rome, Italy, 1989) and Greta Rossi (Milan, Italy, 1992) have cinema university studies behind them, but they met at the Abruzzo Experimental Center of Cinematography, attending the Audiovisual Reportage course, where they make the documentary Brexitaly together. Each one of them carries out their own independent documentary directing activities.

Filmography: Brexitaly (2020, doc).