CAMERIERI / WAITERS (Italy, 2021, 9′)

Saturday 1st october at 17.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Adriano Giotti
Script: Adriano Giotti
Photography: Valentina Belli
Editing: Adriano Giotti
Starring: Enzo Saponara, Alberto Tordi, Giovanni Izzo
Producer: Enzo Saponara, Alberto Tordi, Giovanni Izzo

Three waiters in their forties wait in front of the lowered shutter of a restaurant. They haven’t been paid in months and can’t wait any longer. The restaurant owner has given them an appointment to pay part of their arrears, but he is late.

Adriano Giotti (Florence, Italy, 1984) got a Master’s degree in Writing and Storytelling at the Holden School in Turin. Subsequently, he has shot some short films that have received various awards both in Italy and abroad. His first feature film, Sex Cowboys, won the Best Italian Movie award at the Rome Independent Film Festival.

Filmography: Abbiamo tutta la notte (2012, sf), Piume (2014, sf), A vuoto (2015, sf), Mostri (2016, sf), Esseri di stelle (2016, sf), Sex Cowboys (2016), Camerieri (2021)